Date:   septiembre 11, 2015

Inner virtuoso is the result of combining Crowdsourcing, Quantified Self, Mobile Management Tools, e-learning and machine learning.

By synchronizing with existing standards of the quantified self movement and using machine learning to identify solutions Inner Virtuoso is able to help organizations and regions increase their efficiency and efficacy by focusing on the personal development of their employees.

What would happen to your organization or your country if all your employees or citizens slept 70% better, searched the Internet 40% more effectively, increased their happiness 25%, read 2.5x faster, concentrated 80% more or completely overcame procrastination*?

You do not have to imagine the results. Let’s improve and measure the 50+ dimensions of personal developmentĀ  to show the impact quantitatively. Join us in our exploration of the untapped potential of hummanity!

Inner Virtuoso